Sponsor Aries

Aries is a self-supporting publication, funded entirely by student fundraising initiatives and individual subscriptions.  The magazine receives no funds from departmental or university budgets. 



We continue to make Aries distinctive in the quality of its production.  Better publicity and access to more advanced printing options will allow Aries to set a higher standard for the layout of the journal.  Individual and corporate sponsorship will allow Aries to grow. 


Please consider donating at one of the levels listed below.  Any contribution you wish to make (funds, supplies, or services) will be greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. 

Levels of Sponsorship:

Artistic Adventurer $50

Fiction Fanatic $100

Dramatis Personae $250

Literary Legacy $500

Poetic License $1,000


Please accept my donation of the following

service or supplies:


We need printing services, a better scanner, stamps, 
8 ½ x 11 envelopes, mailing labels, folders, & 3-ring binders.

sponsor form (PDF)

If you would like more information about how to support Aries, contact:

Dr. Stacia Neeley



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